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AHPSI serves institutions or business clients in need of reliable, long-term, professional and flexible security services. We pride ourselves on quality service that will stand the test of time and encourage our prospective clients to call upon our expertise, professionalism, and our state of the art equipment, vehicles and communications for all members and levels of our organization. The firm's complete service line is described below:

Uniformed Security Division:


AHPSI recognizes the importance for our business clients to limit shrinkage and implement loss prevention techniques. Our uniformed security specialists are trained to the highest standard in the industry. The presence of our specialists act as a deterrent for criminal behavior in areas that are prone to shoplifting and other crimes against establishment owners, employees, and patrons. Each security specialist provides daily activity reports, which are compiled into an individualized site report that is distributed on a daily or monthly basis. To ensure that our clients receive uncompromised service, our management team often conducts facility "spot checks" of our client sites to ensure that our specialists are acting in a manner in line with AHPSI mission.

Estate Security & Property Management:


AHPSI Estates Security & Property Management service provides absentee owners with the peace of mind in knowing that their home or investment property is well protected while they are not there to watch over it. We realize that our client’s properties are vulnerable to intrusion and vandalism during absent periods. These periods can also create opportunities for suspects to enter properties in order to initiate assaults on the owner once he/she returns. Our estate security services go one step beyond our competitors.

Patrol Division:


Our company has developed the Patrol Division to assist our clients in a wide variety of assignments. The primary focus of this division is to provide those clients who don't have the need or the resources for continuous hour guard security coverage, but who want the same high quality security service. The AHPSI Services patrol Division provides customers with supervisory personnel who will conduct regular patrol of facilities on the schedule set by our clients. The patrol officer will visit the site, inspect the property (based on the clients needs) and provide our client with reports and information about the inspection. If problems are observed, our patrol officer will make the required notifications and remain at the site until the adequate remedy is provided. Our patrol service clients have the comfort of knowing that a high quality, professional organization is watching their facility.


Construction Site/ Trailer:


Features a portable security headquarters (Trailer) occupied by a designated and well trained security officer who will serve as a visual and physical deterrent to possible crime and will observe and report any incidents at the job site. Responding to calls for assistance or other emergency requests. Our Trailers are about 10 to 16 feet and only need regular power and one car parking space .Trailer has lights on the roof, at night timeeveryone can see from outside that some one is watching the property at all times. It willreduce opportunities for suspects to enter into the property when guard is ON or OFFduty. Basically trailer on job means 24/7 security .Security officer will also use electronically controlled alarm system (control panel and infrared sensors) AHPSI will also provide the following with the trailer:


We differentiate ourselves with SERVICE. We established our business offering as a clear and viable alternative for our target market. We build our firm around the needs of our clients and continually monitor the external environment to develop services that are relevant to our clients needs. We build long-term relationships with customers, not single-assignment contracts.

Mission Statement

Taking the next step through increased professionalism, expertise, good service, and relationship.